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Fallout 76

Norstrom  plays Fallout 76 daily on the Bethesda servers. A reflection on the game and the story, combined with useful tips, are posted regularly in the section below.  Follow the progress by reading, or by playing Fallout 76 at the same time. Comments and tips are greatly appreciated, and affect the outcome of the final review.

Fallout 76 is multiplayer, but can easily be played solo. Bethesda has taken much trouble to ensure you won’t be bothered by other players if you don’t want it. But it’s a friendly and helpful community, so don’t miss out! 

Fallout 76 screenshot inside the Belching Betty mine

Fallout 76 – Journal entry 4

Fallout 76 gives you the opportunity to become a real fire fighter. But, in order to become a “Fire Breather” and earn the special equipment that goes with the title, you have to succeed 2 exams and a physical test.

Fallout 76 screenshot of an illegal distillery

Fallout 76 – Journal entry 3

In the third Fallout 76 journal entry, I explore more of the map, get power armor and do an exam.

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How it's done

Reviews are the end result of searching the web for info, a personal playthrough and an input from comments.  The emphasis is, of course, on the personal experience while playing. The big difference with official magazines is that the games are bought to be enjoyed and you’re invited to follow the process and participate. Not only by way of comments but in real time on Steam or on anther platform. More about this in the next section.   


Among the recent games I played, the most satisfying was certainly Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the featured review. It lived up to its reputation and had some surprisingly good new features.

Far Cry: Primal was an equally worthy member of it franchise, also full of surprises. It combined the crafting/survival  element perfectly with the story.

Chaosbane has some flaws, but despite that, is’s extremely addictive and fun for lovers of hack & slash. Frostpunk is also innovative in the city building genre by combining it with a strong, albeit disturbingly dark, story. 

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